Be Fit Friday

by Bess on April 18, 2014

Happy Friday everyone…below is one of my go-to’s for a full body strength workout plus some fat blasting HIIT.  Get a 5-10 minute warm up jog in first then get into the rest of the workout!


Foodie Faves Lately

by Bess on April 17, 2014

Things I’m obsessed with lately:

This breakfast.  Oats made with almond milk, honey, and blueberries.  I’ve been having it for breakfast almost everyday for the past week.  It is so simple and perfect.

photo (8)

photo 1 (39)

Two different bowls from two different days but yeah they always look the same.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Also, putting guacamole/avocado and sriracha on everything.  (I know we already know I’m a fan of this combo. I just like reminding everyone how much I love it.)  Like a veggie burger patty…

photo 2 (40)


photo 5 (20)

And a portobello mushroom with sautéed greens & chicken.

Love those little guacamole cups.  They are from Costco of course.  Oh, speaking of Costco, yes I’m still eating that Costco superfood salad mix a few times a week…

photo 4 (26)


What are you liking a lot lately?


LoveSurf ♥ Review

April 16, 2014

LoveSurf sent me product to review.  All opinions are my own. The lovely ladies over at LoveSurf recently sent me a couple pieces of their apparel to try out and I couldn’t be happier that they did! I am obsessed with these pieces.  They sent me the LoveSurf Balance Capri and the LoveSurf Inspire Racerback […]

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Hearts With Boston

April 15, 2014

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the terrible Boston Marathon bombings.  I know that the hearts of not only the running community, but also the country, are with Boston today…remembering those that tragically lost their lives and all the others that were devastatingly injured or affected. I saw this […]

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Beach Weekend & Workouts Recap

April 14, 2014

I had a lovely weekend spent at my favorite place in the world… Toes in the sand of Pine Knoll Shores, NC :) Coffees with the sunrises and margaritas with the sunsets… It doesn’t get any better! Plenty of delicious food from the weekend but was a failure at taking pics!  Friday morning’s breakfast of […]

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Style Sunday

April 13, 2014

Images via My Style board on Pinterest.

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Be Fit Friday

April 11, 2014

Here’s a HIIT, Legs, & Abs workout for ya! The HIIT is designed specifically for the treadmill and the speeds are already on the workout from what I did, but adjust as you need to to fit your own speeds! Perfect to kick off the weekend!

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Scenes From My Morning Walk

April 10, 2014

2.5 mile stroll to start the day. Lovely :) And now it’s time for breakfast.  I’m having a hard time deciding between oatmeal and a protein pancake…might have to flip a coin… How did you start your day?  

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Reebok Skycape Review

April 8, 2014

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential, LLC on behalf of Reebok.  All opinions are my own. I was recently sent some really cool kicks from Reebok to try out.  They’re called the Reebok Skyscape, and they’re unlike any other shoe I’ve ever worn!  I mean, it was truly almost like Christmas when these babies […]

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Weekend (And Some Workouts) Recap

April 7, 2014

Since the beginning of my week last week was a little different than my normal schedule, I was mostly getting in walks and a few short runs when I could.  I’ll pick back up my workouts recap next week when there’s more to report.  This week’s was mainly the walking and yesterday and Saturday I […]

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