An Indefinite Break

by Bess on August 26, 2014

Friends!  It’s so bittersweet to write this post.  On the eve of my four year blogging anniversary, I have some news.

As I’m sure many of you have been able to tell, my posting has been dwindling down over the past few weeks and months.  It wasn’t intentional by any means and I certainly tried very hard to keep up my normal posting, but the truth is, I don’t have the time or energy for blogging right now.  I can’t say that I will never make a return to the blogosphere, but for now I will be taking an indefinite break.  I don’t want to have the blog up and running if I’m not able to give it 100% of my effort and passion, and I just simply cannot do that anymore.  It was definitely not a decision that came easily!

But it’s a good thing.  I’ve got so many fun things going on outside of my job that there’s not much spare time to write about it all.  It’s a balance I’ve been struggling with for the past few months and it started to become stressful to me when I couldn’t post.  I’d feel guilty that I wasn’t keeping the schedule I’ve been so diligent about since I started this blog.  And stress and guilt are not feelings I want to get out of the blog!  My life has become so fulfilled that I think the blog was filling a void in my life for quite some time that I think has been newly satisfied since I moved to Charlotte.

Again, I may make a blog return at some point, but if that happens it will probably be a totally different set up/focus.  Maybe a name change and rebranding…not sure.  That may or may not happen.  Different thoughts swirl in my head but I’m just going to play it by ear.  If I step away from blogging for a while and really miss it, I’ll be back.  In the meantime, I will be “microblogging” my life on Instagram more frequently.  I’d love it if you’d follow me on there so we can stay connected.  I’ll try to write more mini-posts to go along with the pictures so if you want to, you can stay up to date with what I’m up to.  And that way if I ever do decide to make a full blown blogging comeback, you can find out from there.  I may just need a little break, but I can’t tell what I need yet from where I am right now.

Thanks to everyone who has ever read this blog.  The past four years have been quite a journey and I’ve learned a lot and met some really awesome people through the process.  I’ve been pushed to do new things and I’ve gotten to have experiences I wouldn’t have had without it.  I appreciate every one of you and thank you so much for being such a generous, fun audience.  I’m so grateful.

It’s going to feel weird to press “publish” on potentially my last post.  But here we go.  Love y’all so much! Peace!


Photo Dump/Trying To Keep Up

by Bess on August 18, 2014

Hi friends…I know I have been absent for the past week.  I have been so busy with work and other fun things that quite honestly, blogging about the activities have taken a bit of a backseat.  I need more time in the day!

Here’s my photo dump effort to keep myself updated!

photo 4 (37)

photo 5 (28)

photo 2 (53)

photo 1 (55) photo 5 (27) photo 4 (36)

photo 3 (44)

photo 2 (52)

photo 1 (54)

The good news is…I’m loving life in Charlotte.  Just wish I could be better about having time to update the blog! Def follow me on Instagram if you don’t already…it’s easier for me to post pics and updates there quicker in between posts :)



Weekend and Workouts Recap

August 11, 2014

Last week’s workouts: Monday: 4 mile run in the morning + Athletic Conditioning Class at night + abs Tuesday: 6 mile run + 1 mile walk (with mav) Wednesday: 30 minute walk with Mav Thursday: 3 mile run + abs Friday: 20 minute sprint/run/jog combo Saturday & Sunday: weekend off at the lake….see below :) […]

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Be Fit Friday: Pinterest Finds

August 8, 2014

Fat-frying Mashup here. Pick one or pick them all and do them over the course of the weekend :)  

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Workouts & Walks & Wine

August 5, 2014

It’s only Tuesday? Goodness…I need the weekend STAT.  Well, technically Tuesday is almost over (I’m about to crawl into bed and read/pass out) but I am already exhausted from this week. I think more intense workouts already have me worn out.  Monday morning I did 4 miles and Monday evening I took that Athletic Conditioning […]

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Weekend & Workouts Recap

August 3, 2014

Last week’s workouts: Monday: Athletic Conditioning Class Tuesday: 3 mile run + abs Wednesday: 4 mile run + full body Thursday: p90x plyometrics Friday: 20 min walk/jog with Mav Saturday: 3.5 mile run + plyo Sunday: 1 hour walk with Mav Weekend things…some drinks and a Mexican food dinner date complete with quesadillas and margaritas […]

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Be Fit Friday

August 1, 2014

A workout you can do anywhere…the best kind :)   Do more than 3 if you can!

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Nashville Recap + Last Week’s Workouts

July 28, 2014

Nashville recaps in the pics that I can show you… Some drinks… Bloody Mary’s, lots of champagne, dirty martinis, and more.  There may have also been a drink with a penis straw in it but I didn’t want anyone to get offended by the picture ;) Also, switching gears…workouts from last week: Monday: 4 mile […]

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Be Fit Friday: Nashville/Cowgirl Edition

July 25, 2014

I’m heading to Nashville for a fun lil’ bachelorette party weekend…and I figured, why not have a Nashville-inspired workout?  Check out country star Carrie Underwood’s moves…her body is rockin’ so obviously something is working :) Legs & Booty workout: Click Here Upper Body workout: Click here Try all these moves or pick a couple new […]

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Cool(er) July Morning Runs + New Winners

July 23, 2014

I’ve gotten in a couple of morning runs over the past few weeks that have been surprisingly cool for July.  I am into it.  Also, there’s nothing like the morning sky after finishing a run.  I just loveeee it. PS—Quick Happy Birthday shoutout to my marathon partner Laura aka Lomo! ALSO–The two previous winners of […]

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