Be Fit Friday

by Bess on August 1, 2014

A workout you can do anywhere…the best kind :)



Do more than 3 if you can!

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Nashville Recap + Last Week’s Workouts

by Bess on July 28, 2014

Nashville recaps in the pics that I can show you…

photo 1 (48)

photo 2 (47)

photo 3 (38)

photo 4 (32)

photo 5 (23)

photo 3 (39)

Some drinks…

photo 2 (48)

photo 4 (33)

photo 1 (49)

Bloody Mary’s, lots of champagne, dirty martinis, and more.  There may have also been a drink with a penis straw in it but I didn’t want anyone to get offended by the picture ;)

Also, switching gears…workouts from last week:

  • Monday: 4 mile run + full body
  • Tuesday: rest, light walk with Mav
  • Wednesday: 4 mile run + abs & booty, 20 minute walk with Mav
  • Thursday: 30 minute walk with Mav + kickboxing
  • Friday: 3.5 mile run + abs
  • Saturday: weekend off
  • Sunday: weekend off

I just went to that Athletic Conditioning class at the YMCA again tonight…whew! It wears me out.  Today was circuits that alternated 2 minutes of cardio stuff and 2 minutes of weights, and we ended with about 15 minutes of sprints.

How was your weekend?  Did you start off your week with a workout?


Be Fit Friday: Nashville/Cowgirl Edition

July 25, 2014

I’m heading to Nashville for a fun lil’ bachelorette party weekend…and I figured, why not have a Nashville-inspired workout?  Check out country star Carrie Underwood’s moves…her body is rockin’ so obviously something is working :) Legs & Booty workout: Click Here Upper Body workout: Click here Try all these moves or pick a couple new […]

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Cool(er) July Morning Runs + New Winners

July 23, 2014

I’ve gotten in a couple of morning runs over the past few weeks that have been surprisingly cool for July.  I am into it.  Also, there’s nothing like the morning sky after finishing a run.  I just loveeee it. PS—Quick Happy Birthday shoutout to my marathon partner Laura aka Lomo! ALSO–The two previous winners of […]

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Weekend & Workouts Recap

July 20, 2014

Another weekend coming to a close…I’ve got the Sunday blues! But I hope this week goes by fast…I’m looking forward to next weekend…my friend’s bachelorette partayyy! Here were my workouts last week: Monday: Athletic Conditioning Class Tuesday: 3.5 mile run and abs Wednesday: 1 hour kickboxing + plyo + walk Thursday: 3 mile run and […]

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Be Fit Friday: Athletic Conditioning Workout

July 18, 2014

Today’s workout comes from the class I took at the YMCA on Monday.  It left me sore for days. 4 rounds of warm up circuit, 1 minute per move: Heisman Jumps Squat Jumps w/ Alt. Toe Touch Side to side lateral lunge w/ jump in the middle High Knees Horse stance w/ Alt. punches Pyramid […]

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Off To A Running Start

July 17, 2014

I did a quick interview with Curvy Girl Health recently and the article was posted this week on their website!  It’s got my experience with repairing my relationship with running, how I got into running longer distances, and other tips.  Feel free to start a conversation on their website in the comments section or leave […]

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Running Away From a Storm & Giveaway Winners

July 16, 2014

Last night I went on a run after work and tried my best to time it so that I wouldn’t be running in the middle of a booming thunderstorm.  I succeeded for most of the run, but true to form for the southern summers, thunderstorms are unpredictable and I got poured on the last mile […]

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Some Week, Weekend, and Workouts Recap

July 14, 2014

Hiya friendssss. I hope you had a nice weekend! I have sorta been slacking on picture taking lately, but I do have a few good pics from the week and weekend. Pizza and wine with friends at Napa on Providence. River Jam concert at the Whitewater Center. Hiking Crowder’s Mountain… Breakfast at Bruegger’s before running and […]

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Be Fit Friday: Cardio/HIIT + Legs & Bootayy

July 11, 2014

Happy Friday friends :) The weekend is almost here! Here’s a workout for you to try…either together or separately. Cardio/HIIT workout: 5 minute jog to warm up 20 seconds sprint! 40 seconds slower run recovery. Repeat 10x. 30 seconds run hard! 30 seconds slow jog/walk recovery.  Repeat 10x. 15 second sprint as fast as you […]

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