Weekend & Workouts Recap

by Bess on July 20, 2014

Another weekend coming to a close…I’ve got the Sunday blues! But I hope this week goes by fast…I’m looking forward to next weekend…my friend’s bachelorette partayyy!

Here were my workouts last week:

  • Monday: Athletic Conditioning Class
  • Tuesday: 3.5 mile run and abs
  • Wednesday: 1 hour kickboxing + plyo + walk
  • Thursday: 3 mile run and abs
  • Friday: 1 hour circuit workout + stairs
  • Saturday: 4.5 mile run + plyometrics
  • Sunday: rest day

Food pics from the weekend include oatmeal/greek yogurt breakfast combos, hummus plates (I’m on such a hummus kick right now–I crave it), and cake from my friend’s bridal shower.

photo 2 (45)

photo 1 (46)

photo 2 (44)

And weekend things…

Friday evening out in Charlotte.  Perfect night for some baseball and wine and fireworks :)

photo 3 (36) photo 4 (30) photo 5 (21)

My Saturday morning workout stats.  4.5 mile run + 20 mins of the p90x plyometrics DVD.

photo 1 (45)

Those are pretty much the highlights!

Hope y’all have had a great weekend…Enjoy the rest of your Sunday loves!

PS– The winners of the Dr. Praeger’s burgers giveaway haven’t gotten in touch with me yet! Make sure it wasn’t you! I’ll choose new winners if I haven’t heard by Wednesday…thanks! :)

Best part of your weekend…Go!

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Today’s workout comes from the class I took at the YMCA on Monday.  It left me sore for days.

4 rounds of warm up circuit, 1 minute per move:
Heisman Jumps
Squat Jumps w/ Alt. Toe Touch
Side to side lateral lunge w/ jump in the middle
High Knees
Horse stance w/ Alt. punches

Pyramid Circuit Workout, 1 minute per move, rest 30 seconds between sets:

Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks 1 minute

Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks
Low Squat Pulses

Low Squat Pulses
Alternating Bicep Curls

Alternating Bicep Curls
Frog Squat Burpees

Frog Squat Burpees
Plank on BOSU: Alt up/up down/down with hands

Plank on BOSU: Alt up/up down/down with hands
Donkey Kicks on BOSU ball

Donkey Kicks on BOSU ball
Burpee with Dumbbells: Pushup at bottom of movement, bicep curl to shoulder press at top

Burpee with Dumbbells: Pushup at bottom of movement, bicep curl to shoulder press at top
Long Jumps

Long Jumps
Pendulum Lunges (right side 1 minute)
Pendulum Lunges (left side 1 minute)

Finish with sprints:
We did the length of the basketball court and back, which equaled 1 sprint.  30 seconds Abs move of your choice between sprints.
#1: 1 sprint down & back
#2: 2 sprints down & back
#3: 3 sprints down & back
#4: 4 sprints down & back
#5: 1 minute down & back as much as you can
#6: 1 minute down & back as much as you can

Be sure to stretch after and recover with a nice protein smoothie :)


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